Natural Building Courses

Shelter is a basic need, the survival instinct that should be available to everyone. Society has put a price upon it and made many people unable to afford this essential human need. For most of us, this is the biggest expense of our lives, whether owned or rented.

- Ben Law, The Woodland House

Upcoming in 2016

The courses we'll be inviting you to this year take place in May and thereafter, and have not been fully scheduled as of today. 


Earthen and Lime Plasters


At least one project at Earthaven is ready for its cover coats, and will be cleared for take-off (actually, for put-on) in time for this weekend adventure in the materials, methods and magic of exterior and interior plasters. Another project is one that's been under remediation for a few years, and will help demonstrate how repair on natural buildings can be done. Some attention to bas relief will also be included. Exact date TBA.



We've had a few requests for cob workshops lately, and might decide to fit some cobbing in during a general intro to natural building. The thing about learning the basics of natural building, including cob, slip-straw and strawbale techniques, is that it's best to have an actual structure to learn on. As we await the next request for a cob structure (or wall), we have been incorporating the basics of cob—making and applying it—to the ongoing project at the Village Arts building at Earthaven, where a 13'-diameter cob tower is under construction. If you are interested in an intro or have a cob project yourself you'd like us to focalize, get in touch!

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